France's Nicolas Ivanoff is focused on the title

Rising through the ranks: Part 2

We take a look at the pilots closing in on the top 3, next it's Nicolas Ivanoff


November 17, 2014

Martin Sonka shares his thoughts with the media

Social Bites: quick updates from the teams

Find out what the teams are getting up to post-Spielberg


November 14, 2014

Peter Besenyei gives us a rare smile pre-race

Peter Besenyei lets his hair down in Las Vegas

See a different side of the Hungarian pilot as he takes a spin in Sin City


November 12, 2014

Pylons are inflated at Ascot

Take a rare look inside the iconic pylons

We offer a rare glimpse inside the pylons that have become an emblem for the Red Bull Air Race


November 12, 2014

Dario Costa is the Flight Operations Manager

In the Wings – the people who bring the sport to life

Meet the Flight Ops Manager who truly appreciates the wonder of this unique motorsport


November 10, 2014

Lycoming Thunderbolt engines for all in 2014

Power in motion: One engine for all levels 2014 field

Lycoming Thunderbolt standardised powerplant puts teams on equal footings


November 6, 2014

The Polish city of Gdynia hosted its first race in 2014

Double award for return season races

Red Bull Air Race World Championship scoops two awards in Europe for 2014 stops


November 5, 2014

Pete McLeod will be a strong contender in 2015

Rising through the ranks: Part 1

We take a look at the pilots closing in on the top 3, starting with Pete McLeod


November 4, 2014

New World Champion in the spotlight

Nigel Lamb talks about his 2014 title and looks forward to 2015 on TV


October 28, 2014

Hannes Arch takes a bow

So long, Spielberg!

More pics from behind the scenes on Race Day and the podium celebrations


October 27, 2014

Hannes Arch, Martin Sonka, Nigel Lamb and Nicolas Ivanoff

Spielberg press conference

The podium winners share their thoughts on Race Day and a stunning season


October 27, 2014

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