Chiba has tight technical parts and long straights

Pilots on the Chiba track

The pilots have been looking over the track, put them in their simulators to try and gain that…


April 27, 2015

Race preparation is everything

Preparation is key

With his sights firmly set on Chiba, Martin Sonka has been working hard to be in the best…


April 16, 2015

Hall and team reflect on the new winglets

Matt Hall is always improving

Matt Hall arrived in Abu Dhabi with a very obvious modification to his MXS-R raceplane, and he…


April 14, 2015

Who will win the Chiba race?

Who do you think is going to win in Chiba?

The next race is fast approaching. All the pilots will be champing at the bit to get in the…


April 9, 2015

Goulian's Edge could be getting winglets

Goulian: We’re thinking of winglets

Michael Goulian turned up in Abu Dhabi with a completely new team, a new raceplane and ideas for…


April 6, 2015

Matthias Dolderer has been training hard

Social Bites: R&D - Relaxing and Developing

With the race in Chiba fast approaching, we catch up with the pilots to see how they've been…


March 31, 2015

Juan Velarde plans to improve over the season

A Master Class education

Since joining the Master Class, Juan Velarde has learned a lot, but he still has a long way to…


March 30, 2015

Murray looking forward to his new V3

Muroya upgrades for Chiba

After flying his Edge 540 V2 for just over three seasons in the Red Bull Air Race, Yoshihide…


March 26, 2015

Francis Barros before Race Day in Abu Dhabi

Meet the Challengers: Francis Barros

Along with Florian Berger, Francis Barros is the newest pilot to join the Challenger Cup. He…


March 25, 2015

Live Coverage available

Where to watch the action on TV

There is no need to miss a minute of the action from this year's Red Bull Air Race World…


March 24, 2015

The Corvus performing

The master and apprentice

Peter Besenyei is the master of the Red Bull Air Race. His aircraft, the Corvus Racer, is the…


March 23, 2015

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