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Southern charm in Texas makes the first US stop a delight for fans and teams alike
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Texas, known affectionately as the 'Lone Star' state, is the second largest in the USA. The enormous geographic area includes the Dallas-Fort Worth counties, which transformed themselves from a sleepy cattle rearing territory, to a bustling metropolis representing the economic and cultural hub of North Texas.

The Metroplex area, as it is now more commonly known, is one of just twelve American metropolitan areas that have teams in each of the four major professional sports leagues; NFL, baseball, basketball and the National Hockey League. Comfortable entertaining sports fans across the US, the Texas stop of the Red Bull Air Race is sure to attract a large amount of interest and greatly benefit from the rich sporting pedigree the area boasts.



With a crowd capacity in excess of 190,000, the Texas Motor Speedway is among the largest sports stadiums in America. Known as 'The Great American Speedway' the 1.5-mile quad-oval superspeedway includes 750-foot radius turns and is banked 24 degrees in places. The Motor Speedway has been used as a stop in the IndyCar Series racing, drawing in sports fans looking to catch high-octane action. The circuit has also played host to two races in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series since it opened in 1997. Get your tickets here http://win.gs/RBARTX! 


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